Thursday, January 22, 2009

some nice word i found tru others blog..

copy this from choochoo train blog.


i'm not that hard to please. really.
it's so easy to get a smile out of me.
it's not about giving me an uber-expensive gift.
give me a hug.
tell me sweet nothings.
give me a note telling me you missed me.
a small token of appreciation.
a bubong - give me any piece of food that i like when you come visit me or meet up with me.
drop in out of the blue.
call me in the middle of the night.
i like people who are not afraid to look sweet.
do anything that says "i thought of you"
and you'd surely win my heart.

p/s : i like all word up here...really have meaning to me..coz..i think all those word really descride me.. :)

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