Thursday, January 22, 2009

the boycott thing..

me n my bro (mira) always argueing in my car about boycott-ing McD(hehe..i dun really into McD,that why i can boycot them..but not her)..i always remind her about baby been shot at their head and body by israel. I keep telling her that she will becoming one of the supporter for them to buy a bullet to kill the baby...but like always..argueing kan...mananya pernah kami berdua nak ngaku kalah..haha..habis2 anis yg dibelakang je yg bengang dgr kami berdua bertekak...but this is the palestin by boycott their enemy product,company or anything related with israel and america...this is the list :

but...can i live without hang out at starbuck like i used more sandwich and ice caremel machiato hear me,no more starbuck for us jasmin..hurmm...

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