Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This what i got from the premier...

and 3D card collection with frame..
and the movie review
"speechless n f*cking awesome"

becoz of all the formattion n autobot..

all thumb up!


Shark said...

gile..cite ni mmg mantap

Ary said...

mantap siot aku dpt tgk awal..kekeke

is said...

best yer.. ok, dis weekand jugak aku p

Rie Zarchry said...

meleleh2 air mata, air hingus
n sume segala mala air
tgok all those tf items

bile la aku nk transfer smnnjung niiii

anyway, nice blog!

Ary said...

is..pegi tgk..tak membazir tiket kalau tgk yg ini...

hahaha..thanks rie..best2..aku fanatic transformer..tuh jadik camgini..hehehe