Thursday, June 04, 2009

Interesting article in new strait times

I'M EVERY WOMEN: Sweet friends are made of these

By : Alika Rahman 2009/06/03

BEFORE we meet “the five people in heaven”, as writer Mitch Albom would have it, another scribe has decreed that there are five kinds of friends every woman should have.

Michelle Burford recently wrote in O, The Oprah Magazine that if one can somehow find a pal who possesses any of the following qualities, one should consider oneself fortunate.She has been counting on her buddies for completely different things, she says.

For starters, you need The Uplifter, a friend who will say yes to your every plan, no matter how ludicrous they may be.I guess this means you could tell her your dream of leaving your six-figure salaried job and becoming a backpacker and she’d whoop at the idea.She does not judge you and will accept you, warts and all.

Well and good but you’d still need some check and balance and should have in your life The Truth Teller who is a level-headed person who would be able to tell it to you as is, without malice.She cares for you and her concerns are sincere.

Next is the Travel Buddy. Burford says that on occasions when you go on vacation, you need to be with a person who could adapt to any situation without batting an eyelid.I’m adding that this damsel should certainly not be one to distress over botched programmes (you know only too well that travel brochures can fall short of its promises!).She has to be street-smart, for instance, not to get duped by black marketeers selling West End musical tickets for double the actual price.

The Travel Buddy is not to be confused with the Girl Who Just Wants To Have Fun.This lass is one you seek for an instant pick-me-up. She is perky, cheery and high-spirited, all rolled into one.She is your partner in crime when you feel like a spontaneous splurge at the mall, economic woes or no.

The last kind of pal listed is the Unlikely Friend. This kind spans the range of people who “represent a world in us”.For Burford, they are those who can be twice one’s age, some younger, homeless, rich, black, Mexican and Korean. They all have added “richness that only variety can bring”, she says.So, am I lucky or what? I think I am pretty blessed. I do not only have the above types of bosom friends, a few of them are composites of the above-mentioned categories.

In fact, I have extra categories to add — the Designated Driver and the Chef (thanks guys, keep at it!).Putting the statement that birds of a feather flock together into high gear, I would say we are all natural Uplifters, with none coming close to being total party poopers or sourpusses.Wait a minute, Dahlia tends to nurse doom and gloom moments and June has her “issues with myself” days but I’d like to think the dark clouds vanish as soon as they come into contact with the rays of sunshine that is all of us, of course.For some home truths, Hock Hwa is always only too happy to give you a piece of his mind.These “slivers of wisdom” could include a telling-off when you have, as a journalist, displayed extreme bad taste in your choice of pictures or words for a particular story, or that your singing voice is no longer what it used to be.Elsewhere, it is my good fortune, I suppose, that the gang shares a second name — “travel”.Given half the chance, we’d all give anything for a chance to scour the streets of San Francisco or hang at a trattoria in Tuscany. Nearer home, catching the beauty of a Balinese beach at dusk constitutes paradise.As for unlikely friends, each and every one of us has our own motley crew of pals from all corners of the world. I could throw a Puerto Rican in for full effect, see?At any rate, the group of us comprising a belly dancing lass of Arabian descent, a dapper chap from Kota Baru, an animated tudung-clad damsel from Alor Star, a half-Chinese workaholic, a brand-conscious fashionista, an Andrew Lloyd Webber wannabe plus a “wish I am in Italy” dreamer of a youngster are an unlikely lot in itself.But I reckon it would be most heavenly if they are the very people I’d meet in heaven...

p/s : i have all already...thanks god for them..they put a veriety of colors in mylife...even who they are...and how annoying they could so glab to know them..hehehe


Shopaholic_Sinful said...

all i can say is, i am blessed to have all my friends around. .during ups n downs.. they will always be there for me..
kenapa ur chat box tuh locked?

Ary said...

yep...that kind of people help us going tru the box locked?..owh tak perasan...nnt nk cek..