Friday, June 05, 2009

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Taken from today Malay Mail Newspaper
Tragic suicide ends little Sam’s story
By Frankie D'Cruz
Thursday, June 4th, 2009

TOGETHER NOW: (From left) Kazumi, Sam and Neil are reunited in death

COMMENTARY: THE doting parents had both quit their jobs to care for their fragile five-year-old son after a car accident left him completely paralysed from the neck down.
But destiny had another unkind trick planned for this small family in England.

Little Sam Puttick contracted the deadly brain bug meningitis last Tuesday and died at home three days later.Stricken with sorrow, ex-charity worker Neil, 34, and his Japanese-born translator wife Kazumi, 44, could not face life without Sam.

And so on Sunday, the couple left an extremely emotional typewritten note and drove 140 miles from their home to the 500ft Beachy Head suicide spot in East Sussex.

There they leapt to their deaths. Sam's little body was found in a zipped-up rucksack alongside his parents' bodies. A second rucksack nearby was filled with Sam's toys, including his favourite yellow toy tractor.

Neil and Kazumi went because they wanted to be with their precious Sam and could not bear the thought of him being helpless and alone.

While it might be an inspiration to the devotion parents have for their children, it is also a grim reminder to those sickening parents who abuse, neglect and starve their own children. Many of us may not agree with suicide, but as parents, we cannot imagine living a day without our young.
Those who condemn the suicide as a weak and shameful thing do have a point.

Imagine the pain their extended family and friends will now have to go through.

Truth is: your life is not just your own, part of it belongs to those who love you.

Sam's story is a heartwrencher. His perfect life was ruined by a careless driver. The youngster was just 18 months old when he was left effectively quadriplegic following a car crash in 2005.

His car seat was flung through the window of his mother's car during a head-on collision. His spinal cord was completely severed in the accident. Till his death, Sam could speak quite clearly and move his head but apart from that, he was all tubes.

Neil and Kazumi set up a website after his accident and raised close to RM200,000 to buy specialist equipment for their severely disabled boy. Doctors said Sam would never recover from his injuries but his parents refused to give up hope that he would walk, talk and breathe again.

Doesn't his story make you say thank you for the life you have?

Don't we just want to hug our kids?


footnote saya : kasih sayang sejati sampai akhir hayat...mampu membuatkan manusia tidak berfikir dgn bijak...tetapi membunuh diri bukan langkah bijak...sebb diorg dah menyekat peluang manusia lain untuk belajar dan mencontohi ketabahan mereka...its hurt..but giving other people chance to learn from them...sometime can help others gone tru this cruel world..appreciated life no matter how hard it make u hurt...thing twice before do something..because a part of it..belong to others also...

p/s : kekadang "keadaan" buat kita belajar dan memaksa kita untuk jadik tabah dan kuat..jadik aku tabik spring pada si keadaan kerana keadaanlah...yang buat aku terus tabah dan semakin kuat...


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