Tuesday, April 07, 2009

talentime ost

a lot of my frend request for the ost..so googling some of it..then found this blog who willing to shared it to others...

so here it is...u can dunload it..but please make sure it just a preview for you..please support malay film by buying the original soundtrack..even i also will buy 1...it worth it to buy an original if it really good aite...

1. I GO - AIZAT [download sini] **

lagu akhir dinyanyikan hafiz dlm filem ni

2. JUST ONE BOY - AIZAT (versi live malam gala Talentime) [download sini] **

lagu sesama uji bakat talentime yg dinyanyikan hafiz

3. ANGEL - ATILIA [download sini] ** (update)

ni pulak dinyanyikan melur...

p/s : credit to deennasour coz willing to share this on public...all the link and information regarding this song are taken from this blog... not originally from me...thanks you...

wanna share some lyric from Angel song...which i want to dedicated this to someone..but i dunno who..hahaha..bleh kah begitu... :P

I have a dream of you I can't defined
You've been on my mind
Don't go
I feel lost without you by my side
Lost and on my own
Yeah I'm falling for an angel

Your brightest star is shining next to mine
Every night and day
You know
Stars exploded then they fade away
Then they fade away
Yeah I'm falling for an angel
Yeah I'm falling for an angel

Would you please be my babe
Come by and I lay you down
I'm loving when you say I love you too

Won't you please be my honey
I'm sorry that I let you down
Your eyes are breaking my heart in two
Break my heart in two

May the one above us keep you safe
Every night and day
If he knows
How I love the smile all on your face
When you are here to stay

Yeah I'm falling for an angel
Yeah I'm falling for an angel

There are few quotes from the movie i like...

By Melur
“If the moon can blink in day,
Why can't the sun shine in the night?”

By Mahesh
“If you want me to stop seeing her,
I will,
But you need to teach me how,
As I don't know how to do it.”


d E w i said...

wahhhh....OST talentime. i ske...i ske...eheheh!~

Ary said...

hahaha..on ur request kan dewi...ary cuma sharing ja..sharing is caring rite...

d E w i said...

tenkiu tenkiu. i dah dload dah yew! ehehehee. kalau ade yang lelain sila sharing lagik yek! eheh..