Thursday, February 11, 2010

For my...

To know either you really love someone...or not

when you telling someone that you love them...You know how you feel if you lost them..How hurt you gonna be..even the truth still got her in your arms...
Believe know you are in love..when you see how hurt you gonna be..if you lose them...

I know how lucky i am to have you..I know im not perfect..but having you in mylife..
Im felt so damn perfect already...i love having you in my world..

Today...i wanna tell you how much i love much i much you mean to me..And how much you change my life..

Thanks for waking me up everyday..
Thanks for be my biggest fans..
Thanks for always waiting me back from work no matter what time it is..
Thanks for taking care of my heart and me..
Thanks for pampering me always..
Thanks for changing my life..
Thanks for stand still even sometimes i mad without reason..
Thanks for accept me for who i am..
Thanks for always forgive me..
Thanks for truly...deeply..sincerely loving me with all your heart..
Thanks for being so amazing in every way..
Thanks for giving me...YOU..

Happy Valentine day..

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