Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Story for today

Look around you and you will be amazed at what you see. We take so much for granted because we focus on the parts of our lives that are hard or unfulfilled.

But if we really stop to look at what we have...we are truly blessed. Others would only dream to have what we take for granted.

  • The homeless person wishes to have that little house you wish were bigger.
  • That mother who lost her son would do anything to deal with that defiant child.
  • The Father that cannot feed his three kids would love to go to the job you hate.
  • The woman riding her bike 10 miles to work wishes to have the car you want to trade in.
  • That lonely woman would love that man that forgets to take out the garbage or doesn't pick up after himself.
  • That orphan child wouldn't mind the mother that makes him clean his dirty room.
  • The crippled adolescent would love to climb that flight of stairs you dread.
  • The woman in the hospital dying of cancer wishes to rush home after work to cook her family a meal.

You see it's all in how we look at things.

PS: My dear friends, if we start to look at our lives with the right perspective and focus on the blessings, we will be filled with gratitude. To focus on what we have and not on what we don't is the best way to live. In the end, the biggest joy and blessing is love. If you look hard enough you'll be amazed at how much love surrounds you and how much you truly have. What you have today you will miss someday.

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