Saturday, August 30, 2008


wrote on 11/8..fs blog..

Finally,da shout out really give me da answer..wif my song on da profile..i wonder y u put da song i gve u on ur profile..u bg dia pulak ke lagu tue?n ur shout out.. it’s like da answer for all da question on dat not hurts…I think so..becoz I dun need sympathy by anybody..n I dun need u to be wif me without u really luv now i know u dun want me..i da redi pun..sorry sebb tak paham2 lagi maksud u..n stop ckp u syg i.. now I wish.. u will be happy wif da least finally u gave me da answer kan…walaupun cuma melalui shout out je n bukan secara terus.. but hei.. thanks for it…takda la I tertanya tanya lagi..u wake me up from the fake dream… maybe it’s time to stop now..all i hope, he will luv u like I do..hope he always try to give ur own time n not pushing u like I do..try to understand everything bout u…try to listen everythin u try to say..juz like I do..will try to make u happy..try to give ur own private space.. like I try to do..try to give u surprise n make u smile like I do..n think about u every morning like I do…n threat u like no other princess he ever hve in life..juz like i want to I wont worry bout u anymore…I learn if I luv u..i need to let u go…n believe me…I tried …even finally I found the one i've given my heart to is only to find that one won't give their heart to me too…I wish u happy…and please..make me smile by watching u happy… mcm u kata.

" i berhak jugak nk syg sapa2 i nak"

then..i xkan rampas hak u tue...

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